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Best Bond Bad Guy Deaths

With "Skyfall" coming to DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow, Skewed and Reviewed have posted a list of the best Bond Bad Guy deaths which was provided to them by the studio.

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alycakes1892d ago

I haven't got my copy yet but as soon as I do this week I'll be watching it again.

Garethvk1891d ago

I hope the load up the bonus scenes.

upallnightgamer1891d ago

The idiots who wrote that article didn't get their facts right. The bad guy in "Live and Let Die" was Dr. KANANGA, not Katanga. It was Alan Cumming who played Boris Grishenko in "Goldeneye."

Kevin ButIer1891d ago

I'm a fan of Timothy Dalton James Bond so A license to kill is one of my favourite movies in the series

Garethvk1891d ago

I had issues with Craig simply as I saw his Bond as more of a common thug rather then the suave, debonair secret agent. I think with "Skyfall" they have done a bit more to ease into that direction.