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5 Predictions for the Return of The Walking Dead

Friday 15 February The Walking Dead season 3 continues on FOX. Here’s PopBucket's predictions for the remainder of the season. (The Walking Dead, TV)

darklordzor  +   750d ago
Is it really on FOX in the UK?
Sleazypants  +   750d ago
It is indeed!
RetrospectRealm  +   750d ago
Kran  +   750d ago
Just an FYI FX is FOX; it's just had it's name changed.
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Sleazypants  +   750d ago
But even as FX it was owned by FOX wasn't it?
jakmckratos   750d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Tzuno  +   749d ago
it began awesome now it makes me think it will lose it's awesomeness.

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