Sam Witwer Speaks on "Defining" Being Human Season, Aidan's Journey and Star Wars

TV Fanatic:
Sam Witwer's character Aidan may have recently gained the nickname "Twilight," but he's got a lot more on his plate to deal with than simple romance on Being Human.

I recently spoke with the actor about what makes working on the show so special, what's in store for the brooding vampire and if there's any chance of him taking on a potential Star Wars movie role.

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alycakes1930d ago

I love watching Being Human. I've never seen the UK version and I've heard it's better but I'm happy with this one.

calis1930d ago

Most of the time, a US show based on a UK show is inferior.

alycakes1929d ago

Yes...most of the time I've heard I've heard they are but I don't have BBC America so I watch this one on the SyFy and it's pretty darn good.

DarkBlood1929d ago

i happen to see the bbc blu-ray season of being human uk and from the look of it, i thought it was a knockoff as the actors look weird

then again i thought it was just a being human in uk location