The Die Hard R-Rating is a Lie

Clickonline writes: "But as other ratings boards around the world have taken a look at the film, the reality of the rating has come to light. It’s pretty clear, in retrospect, that the R rating in the States was little more than a cynical marketing ploy on the part of the studio."

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arukas1900d ago

ok, no blood, fake ratng, a lot of bullets but please where is our sexually explicit catchprhase???

Paganostaghetti1900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

Ummm...even in the argument he states there's four uses of the 'f' word. So yeah, it's an R-rating. It's not a lie, it's just that ratings systems differ.

Sleazypants1900d ago

It's officially been rated 12A in the UK, and to think the original Die Hard was an 18.

hazelamy1900d ago

not really bothered, gonna go see it anyway.

does it really matter how many times he swears?

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