Warner Bros Wanted Ben Affleck To Direct Justice League & Play Batman

El Mayibe from Latino Review tweeted a very interesting 'Fun & Fabulous Fanboy Fact Of The Day' earlier. He claims that not only did Warner Bros want Ben Affleck to direct Justice League, but they also wanted him to star in it... as Batman.

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DarkBlood1932d ago

only batman can direct and star at the same time lol :P

Ezane1930d ago

Ben Affleck! Great Director! Not a Super Hero!

gunnerforlife1930d ago

i think he would make a great director! not much of a superhero but great director! HOWEVER i can see him play the green lantern though! i think that role would suit him

ironfist921930d ago

I find it funny how this guy was Daredevil. Yes that horrible Daredevil movie which you tried to forget.

Still, he's got the looks of a Bruce Wayne, the directorial ability of a superher-film maker, but can he be Batman?

arukas1930d ago

I think he would make a great director and is a great actor but no super-hero... he lacks of darkness like Bruce Wayne

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