FOX Reloading 'Hitman' With Paul Walker As Bald Barcoded Assassin Agent 47

FOX International Productions is rebooting Hitman, the live action film adaptation of the hit Square Enix video game. They’ve set The Fast And The Furious‘s Paul Walker to star in Agent 47, an action film that was written by A Good Day To Die Hard‘s Skip Woods and Michael Finch and will be directed by Aleksander Bach, a highly regarded commercials director making his feature helming debut.

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alycakes1839d ago

I really liked Hitman with Tim Olyphant in it. I'm not sure about Paul Walker and if he can do the part justice but I guess all I can do is wait and see.

Kevin ButIer1837d ago

Any idea of how does Paul look with the agent 47 look?

alycakes1837d ago

I can see him with a shaved head but he doesn't have those eyes like Olyphant has and I really don't think he can pull it off as well either.

hazelamy1838d ago

Olyphont was pretty good as Agent 47 in the first movie.

Paul Walker's a good actor, but i just don't see him being a fit for this role.
he comes across as more of a surfer dude type than the, well, less laid back character of the hitman.

but i'll reserve final judgement till i see the movie.

SnakeCQC1838d ago


AnAncientTree1838d ago

You guys praising the Olyphant Hitman film obviously are not fans of the game series. Otherwise you would hate it.

calis1838d ago

Yeah, it was an un-Hitman-ish as they come.

vitorizzo1838d ago

they liked olyphant as agent 47. no one said that they liked the movie.

AnAncientTree1837d ago

Top comment reads: "I really liked Hitman with Tim Olyphant in it"...what?

kariyanine1838d ago

I don't hate Walker but I don't see this as a good fit.

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