Disney Confirms Stand-Alone Star Wars Films

From Comingsoon:

Walt Disney Pictures CEO Bob Iger has confirmed rumors that the studio is looking at a series of Star Wars films that will see release independent of the new trilogy and that will focus on specific characters from the overall Star Wars universe.

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darklordzor1930d ago

We knew this was coming, but I want some details!

calis1930d ago

I really hope this is based somewhere not around Ep 1 - 6.

thorstein1929d ago

I don't know... a Shadows of the Empire movie might actually be pretty good.

calis1929d ago

That was a good book but there is so much history in Star Wars. Why focus on those 50 years or whatever it is.

Kevin ButIer1929d ago

Who's your favorite char for a stand alone movie?

Mace Windu for me

thorstein1928d ago

Favorite Character WAS Anakin Skywalker...before Lucas/ Christensen ruined him.

DarkBlood1930d ago

sweet, more blu-ray movies to add to my collection :P

YourGreatUncle1929d ago

So I'll finally get a movie based around Boba Fett? Wishes have been answered.

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