First Fast and Furious 6 Full-Length Trailer Cranks Up The Carnage

VaRaces: "Following on from the brief Super Bowl spot on Sunday, Universal has now released the first full length trailer for Fast and Furious 6."

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Hergula1960d ago

Nice trailer, it seems like they are going back to the original Fast and Furious, where it was actually about racing, stealing and personal it.

SolidStoner1959d ago

where did you saw that! It seems its only about shooting, jumping and explosions...

Hergula1959d ago

Well yeah they are most definetly still focusing heavily on shooting and action but it seems like the high speed chases and street racing is back... something that did not exist in Fast 5

Zefros1959d ago

.... they spoiled the whole movie lol

alycakes1959d ago

That's what I like about it...just a bunch of action.