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Iron Man 3 Super Bowl Trailer

Noble Press: Marvel is really locking in on this hero with his “back against the wall” theme. In their “Big Game” trailer, debuted during Super Bowl XLVII, Tony Star is pushed to his wits end. Home destroyed, loved ones battle scared, and his personal life torn apart. Check out the trailer for your self. Needless to say Iron Man 3 looks like it might have some of the charm Iron Man 2 lost.

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StarWarsFan1959d ago (Edited 1959d ago )

A sweet clip and such a great cliffhanger. Great idea.

hazelamy1959d ago

can not wait!

shame i have to. :(

wishingW3L1959d ago

that's not a trailer that's a teaser.

Soldierone1959d ago

Was so angry I sat through the game for a teaser. Wish I knew it would just be on Facebook

Deku-Johnny1959d ago

There's know doubt in my mind he'll save them all, it just doesn't seem like the sort of film where they'd let them die. You can see at the end that the woman goes to grab that guy rather than Tony which makes me think he's going to get them all to hold hands in a circle like skydivers do and slow them down whilst firefighters get one of those big parachute things that people jump from buildings into. I mean if he can slow them down enough they could survive and you've got to remember films don't have to stick perfectly with the laws of physics.

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