Top 5 Films Featuring Sylvester Stallone

LRA writes: Out of all the action stars to come out of the 80's, Sylvester Stallone had the strangest career of them all. Going from being nominated for both writing and acting credits for his breakout hit "Rocky", to an all out action movie icon in "First Blood" and its many sequels, then trying his hand at comedy with such misfires as "Rhinestone" and "Stop! or my mom will shoot", overly sentimental dramas like "Over the Top", then having a mid-life career resurgence with "Cliffhanger" and "Demolition Man" and now in what seems to be his twilight years he has wrapped up both his signature franchises and has even started a brand new franchise with "The Expendables". It's more than evident that Stallone has made some questionable career choices over the years (he won the Razzie award for the worst actor of the century!), but there is no denying the impact he has had on the filmmaking world. He is a truly unique brand of action star, with writing, directing and of course acting credits to his name, and despite what you may think of him, he is without equal in the realm of Hollywood.

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aDDicteD1934d ago

just by reding this article, i just realized that arnold had far more better movies than stallone, aside from rocky and rambo the other stallone movies were mediocre at best like demolition man, daylight, tango & cash and some were even worst like judge dredd, cobra, avenging angelo...while arnold's action movies like predator, terminator, true lies etc. were more better at least, although the acting is a different story.