The First Official "Star Trek Into Darkness" Teaser Trailer Is Here


Last week we were teased with an announcement video for the teaser trailer of "Star Trek Into Darkness". To be honest, it looked a lot like an official teaser trailer. Alas, it was not the official teaser trailer, that has been released today. Watch, enjoy, and prepare youself for what is coming in 2013 with "Star Trek Into Darkness".

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BoxOfficeBuz1560d ago

You can use my websites embed if you want.

FilmFracture1560d ago

It works on the FilmFracture site just fine--not sure why some are not able to see it. I can play and see it here.

BoxOfficeBuz1559d ago

It works fine for me too. I would assume it is that some people don't have quicktime enabled.

caseh1558d ago


Cheers, crappy Sh!tTime not playing for me.

BoxOfficeBuz1558d ago

You would think Apple would use a good fallback knowing that quicktime doesn't work for everyone.

iamnsuperman1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

It looks a lot darker and more emotionally charged than the first one. I am really looking forward to seeing this.

Leio1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Here is link to the 10 minutes preview for anyone who are interested.

chukamachine1558d ago

my craptime isn't enabled.

But thnx for the linky boxoffice.

Awesome trailer, can't wait.

OSIRUSSS1558d ago

Maybe Fringe will spoil this movie like the First one?

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