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Man of Steel Opinion: A Darker, More Angry Superman Needed on the Big Screen

The DailySuperHero.com: The Man of Steel is prepping to premiere its official trailer before The Hobbit and I have to admit that I'm still on the fence about this movie. I seriously hope this trailer finally sheds some light on something I've wanted from Superman for years and years now. (Cinema, Man of Steel)

ReconHope  +   841d ago
i guess we could call this the christopher nolan effect... will see in due time if it gets old.
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calis  +   839d ago
I don't think many people are fans of 'camp' super hero movies.
Soldierone  +   840d ago
EVERY time I talk to an actual Superman fan about this idea, they go absolutely insane. "Superman isn't like that! Not everything needs to be dark!"

I'm not huge on Superman, but even I see it doesn't need to be that way. I was furious when we all thought Spider-man would be that way....
Lord_Sloth  +   840d ago
I dunno. Superman and Cyclops have always been my faves but I'm curious to see a more lonely take on the Man of Steel.

Honestly I hate Spiderman as he is and was wanting a more serious and darker tone for his film.
DarkBlood  +   840d ago
well i welcome the darker tone lol :P
alycakes  +   839d ago
I have to agree with you on that one. He was raised different as a normal young human boy and he was always a good kid. Superman was never meant to be dark in any way.
Ben_Grimm  +   837d ago
I want to see a more, lonely, troubled Clark. I never understood why a lot of the Superman comics never went this direction. You figure Clark had these powers through his teens and being a teen you always want to show off. But for Clark he couldn't, he can't play any sports and he basically has to hold back on everything he does. Throw in puberty and feelings for the opposite sex and whooooo boy. That should have a huge effect on a person when they grow older.

But dark doesn't have to mean he goes around killing bad guys but I would like for him to drop the whole big boy scout act. He should be more of a loner and outsider wanting to fit in and be human like.
OSIRUSSS  +   840d ago
This is totally the wrong path for Supes. His eternal hope in humanity is his best quality. That's why him and Batman have a frosty relationship. Batman has zero hope for humanity. God I feel nerdy.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   840d ago
As much as i hate superman. I dont want him to be dark. I dont want to end up liking him. I want him to be that fake hero of justice. I wish Lex was in the movie.
calis  +   839d ago
lol I read that as 'I feel needy'
doctorstrange  +   840d ago
So... Batman?
Simon_Brezhnev  +   840d ago
I wouldnt mind if it was like All-Star Superman but i doubt it.
Magnus  +   839d ago
They need to add real villians I dobt want General Zodd I wanted Brainiac or even Doomsday
RiPPeR7666  +   839d ago
i think it would be better if superman himself wasnt dark but the tone of the movie was darker
Soldierone  +   839d ago
I'd actually be fine with that. A good focus on the bad guys can accomplish it.
EvelinRafferty   839d ago | Spam
StarWarsFan  +   839d ago
I've always thought Superman Returns got treated a little harshly. I thought it was a solid direction.
MilkMan  +   839d ago
Superman does love humanity but this was taught to him and it continues to be taught to him (by his father Jor-El) even as a man (and Superman). Many people tend to forget Superman is arrogant, he knows he cant score a touchdown "every time he touches the football" He knows he is invulnerable to pain and diseases. Why not rule? Why the disguises.
If any of you have seen the directors cut of the original Superman movie these are questions he wrestles with constantly and Jor-El was prepared for such things.
His relationship with Batman is frosty (as another poster said) because he does not approve of his methods.
Why hide behind a mask? Why the vigilante methods? Why only attack at night? Why use fear tactics? Why operate above the law and not within the law?
This makes for good drama and good sales. But if you look at the characters a little more closely I don't think they are that different from one another.
Sure of is an alien and one is human, one has powers and one does not, but fundamentally they are almost the same.
To my knowledge I've never seen Batman or Superman lie to anyone. TO my knowledge They both have secret identities to protect the ones they love and care for. I just feel that Batman tends to be more prepared because he has noting else to depend on but his wits and his intelligence. Where as Superman can get cocky because of his abilities.
Which is why Luthor makes such a great nemesis.
We will see the Nolan effect for many years to come, because what he has demonstrated is that no matter how fantastic the subject matter is, if you ground it in realism, then the movie can be viewed by adults (by adults I mean fathers & grandfathers) as well as the core fans. Which equals box office sales.
Little footnote, my dad 91 would never had seen any Batman. If he even sniffed anything outlandish in a movie he would bypass it. The Nolan movies, all three, he saw in the theaters, he loved them and fully understood the plot and what was happening.
In his lifetime that's never happened to him.
OSIRUSSS  +   839d ago
Awesome post. Superman and Batman are polar opposites in that Batman pushes his body and mind to its human limits to fight crime. Superman has to limit himself not to kill people instantly.
aDDicteD  +   833d ago
a more realistic side of superman must be represented and it is about time we are going to experience a superman movie we craved for. the nolan effect will be here to stay and im happy they injected that philosophy to the new superman movie.

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