Sinister Pulled From Theaters in France

More than 40 French theaters have called for the cancelation of any further screenings of Scott Derrickson’s new shocker Sinister. The picture opened in France on November 7th.

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ReconHope1597d ago

"the flick was actually pulled due to viewer reception of Paranormal Activity 4, which opened the week prior. Apparently crowds became a bit riled up at PA4, which lead to "looting candy counters, insulting cashiers, urinating on seats, etc."


timmyp531597d ago

As in they wanted their money back lol?

a_squirrel1596d ago

Urinating on seats = Pissed their pants. This movie is freaky.

PA4 was more of a teens scary movie... the kind that would loot candy counters.

I'd also probably be snapping at everyone with that freaky image in my head (you'll know what I mean if you watch the movie)

Lord_Sloth1597d ago

Never been to France, have ya? It's a whole new level of "Rude as F***" over there.

skyblue142131597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

I agree, my dad had traveled to europe years ago & said the same thing that most french people in france are very rude.

Ace_Pheonix1597d ago

*gasp* but but but shouldn't America be just like all those wonderful European countries? I mean, don't they get everything right?

ab5olut10n1596d ago

I spent a month in Paris and Rouen and everybody was as nice as you could want. That whole "rude" thing is an ugly stereotype.

Sketchy_Galore1596d ago

' Hmmmmm, they don't usually loot the candy counters too. Better pull the movie.'

Soldierone1597d ago

Peeing on seats? Note to self never go see a movie in France, they might break out in violence for stupid reasons......

Best-Horror-Movies1596d ago

At least double check the seat for wet marks! LOL

Merrill1596d ago

I would choose to see a movie in France rather than USA, some guy may open fire and kill like 10 or people at a premier of a big summer blockbuster like Batman.

Or would that be stereotyping all Americans, violent gun touting rednecks?

Ben_Grimm1597d ago (Edited 1597d ago )

Wait isn't France the place that put out Inside and Martyrs??


MinimeJer051597d ago

Dumbest reasoning ever. What a horseshit move.

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