Darth Vader To Be Resurrected In Star Wars: Episode VII

Iconic space villain Darth Vader is to be brought back from the dead for a new trilogy of Star Wars films.

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darklordzor2047d ago

Oh dear lord, please don't be true. That would just be awful and would totally take away from his sacrifice at the end of Jedi. I could see his 'ghost' coming back, but not THE Darth Vader. Honestly, I think this is someone just trying to get attention. Star Wars is a hot topic right now, so this 'insider' is probably just trolling the fanboys.

TheCritic282047d ago

But if we can't trust the British tabloids, who CAN we trust?!

darklordzor2047d ago

Too's a scary world out there today when even the respected printed word cannot be trusted.

krazykombatant2047d ago

Ummm this is stupid, if anyone should be resurrected it should be emperor palpatine. It would go with the books.

calis2047d ago

This would be the dumbest move they could make.

edwest2047d ago

It just begs the question: If the Star Wars galaxy is so vast, why focus on the same stuff over and over (and over) again?

Give us something new and unique, maybe a thrilling story perhaps? Now THAT would be fan service!

NovusTerminus2047d ago

Well... There goes my hopes...

MOVE ON ALREADY! Make a new villain, follow the books! Something aside from THIS!

God, I hope this is not true...

DarkBlood2046d ago

as much as i like and would love to see darth vader again, i may rather see something new ish instead

but then again i dont know what i really want as im not exactly against of vaders return anyways maybe as a side ish character assisting the good?

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