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J.J. Abrams & Jon Favreau Both Thrilled About ‘Star Wars Episode 7′

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Now that Disney has purchased Lucasfilm, ‘Star Wars Episode 7′ has a targeted release date of 2015. So many people are both scared and excited for what is to come, and got to talk EXCLUSIVELY with J.J. and Jon about their potential involvement in the iconic series! You won’t believe what they had to say!

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Crazay1839d ago

I would be perfectly happy with either of those 2 guys but I can't see JJ taking it on ever. Favreau just might be ballsy enough to want it and to make it good.

Knight_Crawler1838d ago

DIRECTING the next Star Wars movie can be a double edge sword...if the movies is a hit you will become part of the Star War history and make loads of money but if the movie sucks then you can kiss your carter in the movie industry good bye because everyone including the President is a start wars fan.

TBH I feel sorry for the director that has to take this on because SW fanboys will tear him to pieces if he messes one little thing in the movie.

DeadlyFire1838d ago

Well you know that is already going to happen considering the EU world that exists past Episode 6 spans hundreds of years.

Human Analog1838d ago

Look at the bright side. There is no way they could turn out any worse than the prequels.

wishingW3L1838d ago (Edited 1838d ago )

but I'd like Star Wars to be really awesome again like Episode V. ;__;

Shinuz1838d ago

Couldn't have said it better myself!

e3kehoe1838d ago

Ill just be happy that george isnt doing it..he doesnt know how to direct the actors in a convicing way..

majiebeast1838d ago

Still think they should do a Starwars movie in the old republic universe.

wnek91838d ago

yes that would be cool!

MilkMan1838d ago

What they need to do is use the Heir To The Empire books and get Grand Admiral Thrawn up on the silver scrren and you gonna see some real SW action.

Farsendor11838d ago

that would be the best,but a lot of fans would be unhappy seeing someone else playing as the trio,han,luke and leia