American Horror Story: The Complete First Season Review [Capsule Computers]

ZacE from Capsule Computers wrote:

The Emmy award winning American Horror Story brought back to life (ironically enough) a genre that was all but dead in television. Never has a TV horror series been developed that has garnered the amount of praise, and the kinds of ratings, that American Horror Story has. The show’s fans are beyond a cult following, with 3.85 million viewers tuning in for Season 2′s premiere in the U.S, making it FX’s highest rated show. The brilliant homage to all things horror has now arrived on DVD. Read on to find out whether this Complete First Season, 4-Disc set, is worth selling your soul!

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timmyp532020d ago

Just finished the first season and man. This show is freaking awesome. Tate is probably my favorite character and his story arc with violet is actually not annoying.

medman2019d ago

This is one of my favorite shows, no doubt.