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Fix-It Disney: How Wreck-It Ralph Is Ushering In Another Golden Age of Animation for Disney

Geek Binge: I would say that the 2000’s have not been kind to the Walt Disney Animation studio. Once the king of animated films, Disney has gone downhill since their hayday back in the early 1990’s. With the success of Pixar, it was obvious that Disney wanted to emulate their successful formula of CGI animated films, and create films that were just as impactful as the ones over at Emeryville. But not all was well at the mouse house. Regime changes, target audience confusion, and an overall sense of staleness weighed down the once successful Disney Animation. They started dolling out worse and worse films, to the point where even animation rival Dreamworks was besting them in some areas. Yes, things were not good for Disney’s animation department.

But in 2007, things changed for the better. John Lasseter, one of the heads of Pixar and director of hits like Toy Story and Cars, took over things at Disney. He set out to make better films, not just CGI wise but with 2D animation as well. And since then, things have been slowly getting better for the studio. Better films are gracing theaters, with quality movies such as Tangled and Bolt replacing filth like Meet the Robinsons and Chicken Little. But not since the mid 1990’s has Disney Animation had an all and out success. Well…until now.

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