New Thor: The Dark World Set Photo Surfaces Offering Closeup On Sleeveless Armor


Although it's being donned by Chris Hemsworth's stunt-double, Bobby Holland Hanton, a new photo has surfaced from the set of Thor: The Dark World, offering a closeup on the Asgardian's armor!

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Crazay2024d ago

Looks like the same suit of armour from The Avengers.

StarWarsFan2024d ago

I enjoyed the first movie, but I also think it had a lot of potential to be bigger.

Crazay2024d ago

I thought it was fantastic. Looking forward to this one. I think they're really going to Ramp it up.

koehler832023d ago

Yeah me too. I was shocked at how much I loved Thor. I had pretty much wrote it off until Avengers was due out and I popped it on Netflix. Way better than expected. Probably top 3 among the Marvel continuity flicks, behind Avengers and Iron Man.

Very much looking forward to seeing the next. Hoping Mark Ruffalo gets his own Hulk in the meantime too but I suspect the character works best in the context of The Avengers. We'll see.

calis2024d ago

His body double doesn't look much like him.

Lord_Sloth2024d ago

He can pass. You should see Chris Evans' stunt team. Only 1 of them looks anything like him and he's clearly not Evans.

Soldierone2024d ago

I am looking forward to this more than pretty much any other stand alone marvel hero (Other than Spider-Man)

My girlfriend is probably going to go nuts over his sleeveless armor now lmao

Tikicobra2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I could care less about Thor as a comics character, but Thor was possibly my favorite Marvel movie.