Carrie Fisher -- Damn Right I Wanna Be in the New 'Star Wars'


The upcoming Disney-owned "Star Wars" movie will star a much older Princess Leia ... at least if Carrie Fisher gets her way -- because the actress tells TMZ, she'd love to star in the next installment.

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Crazay2024d ago

You're damn right we want you to be part of the next series Carrie.

DarkBlood2024d ago

give me a hell yeah o.o lol

calis2024d ago

Based on that video she sounds...sarcastic?

BLAKHOODe2024d ago

She hasn't exactly aged well. It could be a disservice to long time fans to see her in her current state. We would never look at slave-girl Leah the same way again.

Although, the idea that her and Han are married and living together on some beautiful planet about to be destroyed by a rebuilt Death Star could be intriguing. Their adult child with force powers, but trained in the way of the gun, rather than the saber, being one of the film's primary heroes.

Soldierone2024d ago

Either they will make the original actors as cameo's or different characters all together.

I think it depends on where they go. continue Lukes story? Then I bet its just cameo's. If its a new story all together I could see some of them getting different roles. None of them (beyond Harrison Ford) aged too well, and even Ford is old now. Don't know if you want him as a major asset to a trilogy that could take 10 plus years to complete?

Human Analog2021d ago

Remember Sir Alec Guinness? He was that age in the first one. He is still one of my favorites. They could do it.

aDDicteD2023d ago

if harrison ford, mark hamill and carrie fisher indeed would reprise their roles it might be only in episode 7 to establish the new trilogy as major cameos or characters but each would have a death scene or died even before episode 7 the primary reason for inclusion is to set up then there kids in the movie will be the new major characters for the saga. if disney can pull this out it would ba epic