Locke & Key, The Canned TV Pilot, Resurrects as a Movie?

Our hearts were crushed when the television adaptation of the comic Locke & Key (which was penned by the amazing Josh Friedman and boasted a pilot directed by Mark Romanek) was canned by FOX before it was ever released. Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez's comic book is exactly the kind of creepy mystery-solving the world needs, and recent news gives us hope for a Locke & Key resurrection.

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alycakes2024d ago

I remember when I found out this wasn't going to be on tv after all and I was very disappointed. I hope they do make it into a movie...I think it would be great.

darklordzor2024d ago

I could see this being a pretty interesting movie. A TV show could have easily gotten boring, but they can keep a good pace for a trilogy, while still hitting all the iconic comic moments.

Soldierone2024d ago

I read a few and it's a really interesting story. However a lot of these side comics fall through the cracks. The good news is eventually they get picked up by great writers and directors.

I'm more or less interested to know whats going on with the Hack/Slash movie?!