Entertainium Review: Paranormal Activity 4

It’s not hard to see why Paramount has decided to stretch the franchise out just by looking at their profits, which are unbelievable. Unfortunately, it seems a fifth movie is already planned, one that scary moviegoers who so easily get frightened by closing doors, creepy little boys and clows are sure to flock to movie theaters for and give away their hard-earned cash away just to see this now trainwreck of a franchise continue to unfold. Movies like this are bound to carry on being released year after year ad nauseam, which makes me wish, for once, that the prophecy of 2012 and the world ending came to pass, just so this franchise could be over with. The best way to sum up Paranormal Activity 4 is to say it looks like a bad disaster and some folks love to see those, one way or the other.

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