Top 10: Best Film Characters Brought to Life by Daniel Day-Lewis

TheDailyBlam writes:
With the imminent release of Steven Spielberg’s highly anticipated Lincoln, attention should be paid to the man who has donned the iconic President's beard and top hat. With a prominent career full of selectively chosen roles under his belt, Daniel Day-Lewis is known for garnering widespread critical acclaim for his honest, nuanced portrayals of remarkable characters.

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ReconHope2025d ago

Haven't seen Last of the Mohicans but Gangs of New Yorka and There Will Be Blood are two good ones for sure.

TheCritic282024d ago

"I DRINK YOUR MILKSHAKE!" earned him that Oscar alone. My hands down favorite actor.

alycakes2023d ago

For me The Last of the Mohicans was the best of all of them. I can't tell you how many times I've seen that movie. It's not only him but also the other characters in the film, the cinematography and the musical score is just all put together so well.

aDDicteD2022d ago

his portrayal of daniel plainview in there will be blood is my pick for his best portrayal of a character.