Meyer Says 'Maybe' to More Twilight

At a press conference for the final film in the series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 she admitted that she'll consider returning to the hugely popular series.

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timmyp531447d ago

I think its time to move on. She was pretty decent in Adventureland. She should play with the teen roles while she still can.

ReconHope1447d ago

I think you're confusing stephenie meyer with kristen stewart

timmyp531447d ago

Yeah I was a bit unclear. I fell asleep during the first Twilight.

ReconHope1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

Stephenie meyer is'nt an actress you're really confused.

timmyp531446d ago

Dude I know who kristen stewart is.. I just didn't clarify in my first comment who I was talking about. Then again you're trying to make me feel bad about making a mistake about Twilight... troll.

TheCritic281446d ago

Dude, calm down. Your were being very unclear in your previous statement.

Soldierone1446d ago

Oh god....please just let it die. Even my GF is super excited for the last one to FINALLY release. And she isn't excited to see it, she is excited its OVER and we don't need to put up with it anymore.....

Lord_Sloth1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

I feel the same way about Harry Potter as well...But he never goes away....Every store I enter, every family member I talk to...The bastard's always there just starring at me.

It's nice to know something like Twilight's out there so that I'm not the only person suffering. XXXD


DarkBlood1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

lol how would you guys be forced to put up with it anyways?

personally i wouldnt care that much either way if it does happen or not i'll most likely see it regardless considering if it goes a more darker route this time

Soldierone1445d ago

Annoying friends, ads, seeing it every where we go, stupid news outlets constantly covering one face and he "boyfriend" vampire freak lol

It's all annoying. I rather see things for a movie I'm interested in.

DarkBlood1445d ago

well that sounds a little bit irritating lol, for me as much as i know i somehow easly manage to avoid it unintentionally somehow so i guess im not that bothered by it :P

256bit1446d ago

they should reboot the series and cast henry cavill like she intended.

JL1445d ago

They've actually mentioned the possibility of rebooting the series at some point. This came after Lionsgate bought out Summit earlier this year. Guess Lionsgate has a desire to cash in on the popular franchise themselves.

OneAboveAll1445d ago

"Maybe" he should kill himself.

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