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Jeremy of We Got This Covered wrote, "James Cameron‘s sci-fi masterpiece The Terminator finally comes to Blu-Ray with a brand new digitally remastered video transfer that fixes virtually every problem on the previously released disc that has been in circulation for years. The only kicker here is that you’ll have to import the disc from region B territories, like the United Kingdom. Still, this new version of The Terminator is the absolute best possible version to own and it’s more than worth the shipping fees to import the title."

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ReconHope2023d ago

Might have to pick this up. Just saw some clip on youtube the other day of the police station massacre and it made me want to rewatch this classic.

timmyp532023d ago

Terminator one and two are classics. A great title to revisit. James Cameron had vision I wonder how the Bluray looks.

MinimeJer052023d ago

It really does look amazing. Some of the ending "stop-motion" stuff looks very fluid and unlike anything I ever remember seeing.

I also picked up on a lot of tiny detail during the film's first act.

2023d ago