The Daily Rotation - The Man With the Iron Fists Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Wu-Tang Clan member RZA makes his directorial debut with The Man With the Iron Fists. This bloody homage to some great martial arts films from the past is an unfortunate mess that over-complicates itself too early and becomes just another spoof of the genre instead of an actual product. Iron Fists isn’t all bad though; RZA shows his visual competence with lots of frantic, yet digestible choreography and the soundtrack provides a unique kicker to the buckets and buckets of blood (mostly CGI, but occasionally practical). Hopefully RZA‘s next effort is a little more concrete."

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timmyp531999d ago

From everything I've read so far on this title is that its flawed but a good popcorn flick. There's nothing some popcorn and some laughter cant fix.