Looks Like Disney Got One Heck of a Deal Since Star Wars Has Been Boring Since 2005

The Did Disney buy low and Star Wars creator George Lucas just sell it now because he couldn't let his company and franchise continue to lose value?

Wait, wait, wait. We're talking about $4 billion. But when you look at two of Disney's past buyouts, it makes a person wonder if Lucas sold because his "baby" was losing momentum and interest ... and value.

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darklordzor2239d ago

I disagree...highly. Star Wars has not been losing value. Most fans (even those jaded by the prequels) have agreed that the Clone Wars show has been amazing. They've done a great job with that show and in it's fifth season, probably has more supporters than the prequels do.

On top of that, they're readying yet another Star Wars cartoon show. The brand is still going very strong.

calis2237d ago

Yeah I'm not sure where people are getting that the Star Wars brand is losing value.

alycakes2238d ago

I'm not a Star Wars fan but everyone close to me is and I can tell you right now that they are still just as much hard core fans as they ever were. They had a Star Wars marathon just about a month ago and stayed up all night eating junk food and watching all six movies so yes, it's still going very strong.

Soldierone2238d ago

How? The toys are still selling like hot cakes, and kids are big Star Wars fans which means it has a future.

Just because a few die hards can't stand the prequels doesn't mean anyone else hates the entire franchise....find that annoying.

Star Wars is huge and still interesting, and anyone that doesn't see that needs to dive back in....

TheDailySuperHero2238d ago

It's an opinion post so you are entitled to your opinions as well. But bottom line, there has been zero excitement for the franchise since 2005 and this Disney deal is a much needed jolt Star Wars needed.

darklordzor2237d ago

Possibly zero excitement for some people, but no where close to everyone. Many people feel the Clone Wars was the jolt Star Wars needed (because it's actually really damn good...first season was kind of meh though). Plus look at all the blu-rays it sold when the saga released.

kingPoS2237d ago

I haven't given much attention the clone wars show. But from what few episodes I've seen, it's really good.

I just hope Disney's acquisition doesn't knock the popular show out of it's grove.

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