Halloween 2011 - 2012: The 13 Best Horror Movies

Arcee "So now that we here at Nfamous have regaled you with 13 tales of horror by listing our favorite horror movies from previous years, it is time for us to step back to the here and now and talk about our favorite horror movies of the past year. Actually, we are going to talk about our favorite horror movies that have been released between Halloween 2011 and Halloween 2012. I mean, it is only appropriate, right? I mean, with this being the time of year for all things spooky and scary. And boy do we have a list for you. In keeping with the number 13 theme we have going this year, we are about to present to you our list of the 13 Best Horror Movies, from Halloween to Halloween."

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pompombrum1996d ago

Sorry but think the article loses all credibility by adding the new Resident Evil film on a list of HORROR movies. These resident evil movies are closer to a poor man's Matrix in style than a George Romero movie.

KingPin1996d ago

how is resident evil and Prometheus horror movies?

utter junk, yeah. horror, no.

cruxito1996d ago

hahahaha i am glad i didnt click on that website, thank you for lettting us know :)

timmyp531994d ago

Prometheus is definitely not a horror movie. It has moments of suspense but nothing that would warrant it to be categorized in that genre.