Philly2Philly Review: Boardwalk Empire Episode 7

Last week Nucky saw first hand what happens when you step to a big wig in Washington (Harry Daughtery). All in all, last week's episode was rather tame compared to recent weeks. The lack of Gyp Rosetti's presence also made it's mark. It's clear, when Gyp is in this show it's a much better viewing. The shame of it is he probably isn't going to last more than a season. He's simply too volatile and making too many enemies.This week in Episode 7 ("Sunday Best') we see that Gyp isn't the tough guy he's cracked up to be at home. It was quite a revelation. We also see Nucky and Eli taking another step forward and putting the past behind them. Richard Harrow really has a thing for that new woman he met. And, Gillian Darmody...well she's just plain bat s**t crazy!

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