Disney to Buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion; New 'Star Wars' Movie in the Works

From THR:

The Walt Disney Company has acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion in cash and stock and announced a new Star Wars movie to be released in 2015.

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Crazay2032d ago

Bahhhh. You just beat me dlz. Big news that

darklordzor2032d ago

Ha, ha! Take that for all the hundreds of times you get there right before me. ;)

NewMonday2032d ago

Will they respect the extended universe post return if the Jedi or start over ?

Some news says it's an original story

darklordzor2032d ago

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. That's about all that's going through my head right now. That's crazy. I really never thought we'd get another Star Wars movie while Lucas was still alive.

I really didn't think he'd pass the torch. Very freaking awesome though. If Disney sets up a good relationship with Lucasfilm like they have Marvel (letting them do their own thing and not getting too pushy) I think we could get some awesome stuff out of it.

Flavor2032d ago

Maybe things will improve without Lucas...

gaffyh2032d ago

Yes, he seems to have "gone shit" as I always say. Similar to Nicolas Cage, and also Quentin Tarantino (although I have high hopes for Man with the Iron Fists).

darklordzor2032d ago

Oh, and does this mean, the Clone Wars will switch to the Disney Channel now?

Soldierone2032d ago

That is my fear....don't want that to happen. Cartoons seem to have more freedom for serious things on CN. Look at Spider-Man.....

darklordzor2032d ago

I see your point, but at the same time, the Tron Uprising show has been really good (with a more serious tone), and I for one enjoy the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

I'm thinking it might not change. I mean, there's still an Iron Man cartoon on Nickelodeon because it was already established on there. Maybe they'll keep the deal like it is, because that's what fans are used to already.

Soldierone2032d ago

Didn't know that about IronMan. Do they still have Wolverine? I loved that show, but haven't seen it anywhere.

And personally Ultimate Spider-Man isn't "Terrible" Its just no where near as good as the show before it.

darklordzor2032d ago

Yeah, I think it's Iron Man: Armored Adventures or something like that. I don't know if they still have Wolverine...Oh, and another point on that topic were those X-Men and Blade anime shows G4 had for a bit.

JD_Shadow2031d ago

To tell you the truth, a good bit of Disney animation is a bit on the ballsier side over the years. Gargoyles, for instance, actually had a main villain utter the word "hell" in the show, and it was only removed once in a DVD, but they put it back in. Sleeping Beauty has the word, as well. I think only Warner animation is more relaxed about what it allows (watch a DCAU show and tell me that they don't get away with a lot of shit).

You can tell that they still went that route with some of its later shows. Gargoyles you know (Disney got away with a lot there), and Kim Possible (the last great show that Disney Channel made before going on the Miley Cyrus kick) had a good bit of riske pop-culture humor, action sequences, and least for a kids show (which is why it got such a cult following). And then, of course, is the new Tron cartoon which looks to be effing bad ass (with a hell of a cast, I'd have to say).

That in mind, if they ever did do something like that with SW, they would meddle in that too much and would be least when the right people are in there.

tunaks12032d ago



episode 7???


badz1492032d ago

maybe they will make a reboot or something.

I really don't want them to alter the original SW universe as we knew it already!

QuodEratDemonstrandm2032d ago

It will be direct to DVD, star Robin Williams as the voice of Darth Vader's son, Chip Vader, and the cast will stop their lightsaber battle and burst into song.... 12 times.

We are Disney. That's how we roll.

adorie2032d ago

I'm here because of "Chip Vader" Enjoy a bubble.

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