The Walking Dead "Walk With Me": Geek Bing Review

Geek Binge: One thing that’s become vastly apparent with Season 3 of The Walking Dead is this; the show has picked up in terms of action. There was a ton of plot today in “Walk with Me” and, well last season an episode almost entirely dialogue driven would have irked me, it really goes to show how big the quality turn around is in Season 3 when it WASN’T completely terrible. In fact, it was pretty damn good

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Bumpmapping2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

10/10 for me this season keeps getting better.Also this reviewer is a moron he praises the Governor goes back to say hes not as interesting?

TheCritic282060d ago

The Governor is interesting—but not as interesting as Benjamin Linus (yet).

It was a comparison, you see.

aDDicteD2060d ago

the governor is twice as interesting cause his character isn't as develop as opposed to the governor in the comic book which was introduced in a very dark tone on day 1, David Morrissey said so himself in the sneak peek interview. and after watching "walk with me", the end scene killing those soldiers as well as sitting and watching the zombie heads gives us a bit of what he is.

Soldierone2060d ago

I have to say, I realized that without Rick and Daryl in the show I'd lose interest in it. Without that group and without Rick I didn't have as much interest as I normally do, and was waiting for something to happen or to go back to them.

It's really hard to base an entire episode around characters you hardly care about yet. They should have developed Michonne more, before and during this episode.

It's not that hard to tell people the governor is a badass villain, we didn't need a whole episode doing it. Nothing really happened, and the only new question I have is why is he killing all these people?

DarkBlood2060d ago

same here about the last part you said, notice how it seems to be mostly women in the towns i realise had the blonde and black women been men they would of been killed on site

it sounds like hes trying to populate with just his dna for the most part, now in a attempt to bring back mankind i understand this purpose

but on his character alone and the things he do i just dont understand why, especially keeping the things in the mini tanks sounds like some sort of sadistic person lol

Soldierone2060d ago

Yeah I noticed it too. All the guys are afraid of him as well, guarding the path ways etc...The women all liked him for some reason.

Also I've been reading theories on the heads, and none of them really make sense with the story.

SantistaUSA2059d ago

I believe that the main reason he's killing those people is that he wants to take control, he wants to be the king pf the "new world", if he would allowed those army soldiers to come to his domain, there would a possibility that they could take over, as they are better trained etc. Plain and simple he does not want competition.

MasterD9192059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

He also wants the reserves, ammo/guns and to be able to look like he did everything he could to save them, although that isn't part of his plan like you said. He wants complete control and he doesn't like outsiders or any affiliation of power (army).

I may be dead wrong here, but wasn't there a battle-pit or some kind of gladiator-type event in this town? Maybe it's too early...but I was under the impression that was a definite thing.

Edit: My take on the heads is he is examining how to kill zombies. We found out in the episode that he learned that they can be docile from the doctor who was examining Michonne's two zombie followers. I'd like to assume those are his finest experimentations...he's looking for answers or enjoys the trophies (of others since Michonne's zombies were there). It brought back some creepiness to this episode which was fun.

DeadManMcCarthy2059d ago

When Daryl dies, you'll get over it.. i'm sure the writers will bring in even better characters.. In TWD anybody can die even the most loved characters.

Soldierone2059d ago

Lol Daryl is making them all kinds of money right now, itd be extremely stupid to kill him or Rick business wise.

Look at how high his action figures are getting, crowd reactions to his interviews, and people talking about him.

Yeah they made it clear that they will kill whoever they want when they want, but its also a business and AMC has SOME control over it.

MasterD9192059d ago

It's hard for me to watch Andrea for a full hour...not because she isn't interesting but because she is always taking on this tough personality that really isn't there. Michonne however, is a tough cookie.

I too found it somewhat exhausting to watch the entire episode without seeing the group. I look forward to what is coming though as far as they have strayed from this comic, it appears this season is all about going back to the roots.

I'm glad they showed what the Governor is capable of in this episode though and I feel he is a good character, but let's get to the action. I was in love with every episode but this one this just didn't have the power and wow factor the other episodes had. Maybe it's because the prison is so awesome?