New Official Image From The Wolverine


We now know that The Wolverine is set AFTER the X-Men trilogy, so why is Hugh Jackman sporting bone claws in this brand new still from the James Mangold film? Hit the jump to check out the still from the latest issue of Empire Magazine!

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Crazay1973d ago

Seriously what is up with the bone claws? Must be a flashback sequence or something.

DarkBlood1973d ago

they are bone claws? lol i didnt even notice guess i need to take a closer look

thorstein1973d ago

I am more concerned that they superimposed Hugh Jackman's face onto MY body.

Plagasx1972d ago

It's a flashback sequence to WWII..

GamingManiac1972d ago

Dr. Cox will not like this!

r211972d ago

His hate for Hugh Jackman is that of a thousand suns!

RPG12011972d ago

Enough Wolverine movies, make something that's actually original.

mafiahajeri1972d ago

@Above Theres been one wolverine movie what are you talking about? This looks great loved the first one and its Wolverine why are people complaining? hes a badass character.