What Will Iron Man 3′s Post-Credits Sequence Be

Geek Binge: Not only has Marvel practically perfected the art of post-credit scenes (the introduction of Nick Fury at the end of 2008′s Iron Man still stands as one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve ever had in a movie theater), they’ve even begun to re-invent the wheel with mid-credit scenes, teasing us even more (as was the case with The Avengers earlier this year). Pretty soon we’ll just have short films playing behind the accreditation's to the film’s craft services and second unit directors. As Marvel’s “Phase Two” officially began today with the launch of the trailer for Iron Man 3, many fans (including myself) are beginning to wonder what exactly that “Phase Two” is going to look like.

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TheDailySuperHero2065d ago

It'll be a scene that sets up Thor: The Dark World since that is the next Marvel flick in 2013.

TheCritic282065d ago

Ah, but there will be TWO post credits sequences...well I think Thor's a given, the other one is more of a question mark.

TheDailySuperHero2065d ago

The Ant-Man test footage shown at Comic-Con will most likely be the other one.

OneAboveAll2065d ago

A planet Hulk movie in the future would be AMAZING. Then the could do World War Hulk.

Torkith2064d ago

Could be another clip with Thanos.

RussM2064d ago

All the Phase 2 movies (IM3, Thor 2, Capt 2, Guardians) all happen at the same time, this has been confirmed by Marvel. That means that the after credits scene will not lead to those movies, as by the time that scene is happening in the time line, all of the events in the other movies will have already happened. They will all lead up Avengers 2, and/or maybe hint at Ant-Man's existence (Post Phase 2). But most likely just Avengers 2.

aDDicteD2060d ago

My bet is on Thor 2 and guardians of the galaxy but I will be blown away if it's related to an ant-man movie, that would be just awesome. I really hope that there will be an ant-man movie before avengers 2.