Daniel Craig Will Try to Persuade Fincher to Make 'Girl Who Played With Fire'

LA Times:
Hopes for “The Girl Who Played With Fire,” a potential follow-up to David Fincher’s English-language “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” slowed considerably after the first movie performed only decently at the box office.

But star Daniel Craig says he hasn’t given up on the possibility of a new installment —and in fact hopes to persuade the director to return.

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alycakes2008d ago

I hope they come to some kind of agreement. I want the movie made. The first one was really good and it leaves you wanting to know what's going to happen next.

Blacktric2007d ago


Bumpmapping2006d ago

I hope to god not this movie was awful.Stripped half the german storyline away.Swedish version>crappy American version.

aviator1892006d ago

While I agree the Swedish version outclasses the American version, but not by much.
Both movies have their strengths.

alycakes2003d ago

I didn't want to watch the Swedish version since I had already seen the American version. If they make the second and third movie...then maybe after all that I might see them.