Geek Bing Reviews: The Session

Geek Binge: Ben Lewin directs and writes The Sessions: a heartfelt, honest, funny, and uplifting story about the complexities of sex and intimacy as told through the eyes of the true-life disabled poet and journalist, Mark O’Brien. For a film that has so much frank and explicit dialogue about sex, its positions, and its involved body parts, it ultimately retains an innocent feel since it explores sex as only one of the gateways to pure intimacy and love, which is what is at the core of this film. Stories like these can always veer dangerously close to emotional manipulation, but since The Sessions is anchored by brutally genuine performances from John Hawkes, Helen Hunt, and William H. Macy, the film always maintains a sense of emotional realism and messiness that makes it strike at the heart and not let go until you’ve left the theater.

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