FilmFracture Review: Here Comes The Boom

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture wrote:

"The improbable idea that Kevin James could be a professional UFC fighter is not lost on the viewer in his newest comedy "Here Comes The Boom". In fact, it is the ongoing joke of the film, and as much as someone may want to hate the entire concept of the movie it manages to pull at your heartstrings enough with its inspirational story. This is of course occurring as Kevin James' character Scott Voss is having his body beaten by men years younger, leaner, and with much better fighting form. "Here Comes The Boom" uses the ridiculousness of placing a character such as Scott Voss in the ring with real MMA fighters to keep the momentum going for laughs, and Kevin James continues his streak of movies that focus on humiliating him more than once to get the audience to laugh. The formula works, and "Here Comes The Boom" even has a great deal to say about the current state of the education system in the United States making it more than another simpleminded comedy. "

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