American Horror Story: Asylum Review: “Welcome to Briarcliff” [Geek Binge]

Geek Binge: I straight up LOVED the first season of American Horror Story. It was inventive, beautiful to look at, passionately acted, and paid respectful homage to all of the horror that came before it. The visual atmosphere, the music, the varied and wonderful characters, and all their intriguing stories…the whole thing was just sublime. American Horror Story was incredible fun for die-hard horror fans—with enough terror, drama, and comedy to bring in non-genre fans. For those of you who didn’t get the memo, AHS has an anthology format. Each season will bring a new location, new characters, and new freaky weirdness to scare the hell out of us. Happily, we also get a lot of the same fab, ensemble cast.

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Inthrax2075d ago

To see such a high score is promising for a second series episode. I myself have just finished S01Ep01 and have fallen in love with this quirky and disturbing TV series