“The Evil Dead” Remake Trailer

Nuke the Fridge says

Fans attending “The Evil Dead” panel at New York’s Comic-Con got a glimpse of “The Evil Dead” remake, which will be released on April 12th, 2013. A reader sent us the trailer. It looks awesome. Check it out below, but turn out the lights first!

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Crazay1955d ago

Surprisingly that looks much better than I ever imagined.

darklordzor1954d ago

I'll wait until the studios release the official one.

Crazay1954d ago

I did see a much higher res one yesterday but it was pulled and this seems to be THE ONLY one out there now.

1954d ago
AsimLeonheart1954d ago

I think it seems more like a gore-fest and torture porn; like they not only updated the visuals but the horror as well. Man I do not like torture porn and I do not even consider it horror. It is more like the creators are trying to gross you out.

adorie1954d ago

You've seen the first 2/3 right? Plenty of amputation going on and decapitation. Evil Dead's been there and done that. I own the first 3.

KazumaKiryu1953d ago

I agree, this definitely seems to be more grotesque than the original which means it has missed the point. The original was violent and had plenty of blood but there were also the funny moments, I'm not really seeing any of that in this trailer.

Ben_Grimm1954d ago

It looks like a mix of one and two, but I find it funny that the lead might be female judging by the "possesed arm" scene.

krisq1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yeah, lead is female.

Ben_Grimm1953d ago

That sux, why do remakes do this? They did this with The Thing. Is there some kind of market ability or analyses that says all horror leads must be female?

Yea, I know its just 2 had more distinguishable scenes than 1. That is the only reason I said mix of 1 and 2.

shaun mcwayne1953d ago

evil dead one and 2 are the same movie, 2 was a remake of one they just made it look like sequal.

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The story is too old to be commented.