10 Slasher Films You've Never Seen

Brad of The Daily Rotation wrote, "The leaves are changing, pumpkins are being carved, the harvest is in the air, and the Halloween season is in full swing. It must be October. Soon the television will be flooded with horror movies from channels that repeat the exact same features they’ve been showing for the last decade. Why? Easy ratings? Don’t fix what isn’t broken? People don’t like change? It’s a combination of everything, but for the adventurous fan who’s tired of watching the original Halloween or AMC’s Fearfest, there’s a huge cache of fun slashers from the 80′s that will never be shown on mainstream television."

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Soldierone2020d ago

Is it bad that I've seen about 4 or 5 of these? lol

barb_wire2020d ago

Not at all, I've seen 8 of them.

Soldierone2020d ago

Nice now I don't feel like an oddball.

ReelBrad2019d ago

Which ones haven't you guys watched yet?

Soldierone2019d ago

Happy Bday To me, The Prowler, Just BeforeDawn and the others I'm not sure if I've seen a couple and just forgot or not lol

Like SleepAway Camp, pretty sure I've watched it and just forgot it.

barb_wire2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

Sorry about the lateness of my reply but to answer your question..

The Mutilator and Just Before Dawn, although JBD sounds familiar, so I may have seen that one too I just don't remember.

MySwordIsHeavenly2020d ago

I wouldn't say these are hidden gems... A couple of them are more rare than most movies, but Happy Birthday To Me? Prom Night? April Fool's Day? My Bloody Valentine?

Everybody has seen those.

MinimeJer052020d ago

I've seen a few of them being the horror nut that I am, but aside from the ones that got remade (Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine) I haven't really heard of most. Or I've heard of them, but never seen 'em.

ReelBrad2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

You're going to have to define "everyone" for me. If you're referring to knowledgeable fans of the horror genre, I'd agree, there's nothing new here. However, I made that clear in the article. The list is for those casual fans who watch Halloween and whatever is on AMC Fearfest. I guarantee those people haven't heard of at least 6/10 on this list. Appreciate you checking it out though.

Legion2020d ago

The Burning is the only one I haven't seen. And most of them are as sword said... not very hidden actually very popular.

ReelBrad2019d ago (Edited 2019d ago )

But not very hidden to who? Hardcore horror fans? This article was for Joe Average who has watched a couple Halloween flicks and whatever is on AMC during October. Appreciate you reading though.

Oh yeah, the Burning is my favorite one on this list, so I'd definitely check it out. It's on Netflix instant right now!

Legion2019d ago

Think about it Prom Night and My Bloody valentine actually got remakes they were so popular.

And April Fool's Day and Happy Birthday To Me... were both very main stream.

A lot of these would only be hidden to those that aren't very old. Not because they aren't horror fans.

And when you mention Slasher films in general... you aren't talking about the Average Joe. You are talking about people who get a kick from a good... well... hack and slash.

"10 Slasher Films You've Never Seen" is an absolute... the title should have been better set at '10 Slasher Films that might have slipped past you?' because the absolute of "You've Never Seen" is well... just wrong.

MinimeJer052019d ago

@Legion I'd say Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine were popular among bigger horror buffs back in the day to warrant remakes, but most casual fans probably haven't seen him, which is why the studios remade them, to get them in front of bigger audiences. They just happened to remake them and dilute them down to what they thought the original fans liked.

I'm a fan of MBV3D, but I can't stand Prom Night, due to its PG-13 rating.

Never saw the originals for either films, but have heard of them through the horror grapevine as classics.