The Playlist Review: 'Seven Psychopaths'

The Playlist:
It would seem that following the success of "In Bruges," writer/director Martin McDonagh went to Hollywood -- and didn't like the experience. A meta riff on making movies, "Seven Psychopaths" is a sneering send-up of the industry that also revels in its action movie clichés. But if there is one thing certain about McDonagh's sophomore feature film, it's that it's bigger in every sense than his debut. Boasting lots of gunplay, a big extended cast of stars willing to play along and a less witty, broader sense of humor, McDonagh tries to have it both ways by playing to the cheap seats while pointing out how absurd it is at the same time.

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alycakes2050d ago

My daughter went to an early screening of this movie and she explained it as being all of these....funny, sad, bloody, weird, action, very bad language, very weird sense of humor, etc, in other should have been a Tarantino movie....but she liked it.

She did say it's not everyone's type of movie. I'm seeing it.