Trailer For 'Skyfall' With Adele Theme Song

When it comes to James Bond, the theme music is as much a part of 007 as the girls, the gadgets, the villains and the man himself. Here’s a new version of the Skyfall trailer with the upcoming film’s title tune from Grammy winner Adele.

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alycakes2022d ago

Very well put together and the song is great.

iamnsuperman2022d ago (Edited 2022d ago )

You think thats great check out Scott Mills/Chris's version
imagine that being played in the cinema...

Jokes aside I am undecided by Adeles song. It is very Bond and it does get better the more times you listen to it but still I would have prefered a different direction. Definitely better than the Quantum of Solace theme song

alycakes2021d ago

I'm happy with it. I like her style and her voice and tone is so smooth. I guess I'm just one of those fans. I can see where you're coming from though where sometimes the song should maybe go into more of a big loud production type number in certain spots.

extermin8or2021d ago

I'm all for MUSE doing the next bond films song, they've already said multiple times they'd love to do it; and that they'd aim to have it sound like one of their new songs supremacy which would certainly be very different to adele's song :p

extermin8or2021d ago

WTF why is this video not available to be watched in ENGLAND!!

hazelamy2020d ago

because ign are a bunch of twats.

StarWarsFan2021d ago

Solid song. I would have liked something faster to be honest. This is very dramatic.