A Good Day To Die Hard Teaser Trailer: Ode To Joy


Bruce Willis may be tearing up the box office right now in an original action film called Looper, but he'll be back not too long from now in a very, very familiar role. Somehow there is a fifth Die Hard movie coming next February, and a teaser for A Good Day To Die Hard has debuted online, showing off Willis back in form as John McClane… and, let's be honest, not a whole lot else. Take a look below.

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Crazay1840d ago

Excellent! I'm looking forward to this.

Saturne31840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )

This is DIE HARD i hope there profanity and blood/gore this time around.

Crazay1839d ago

Profanity and a hearty "Yippe Kay Yay Mother F..ker" would be nice.

iamnsuperman1838d ago

I can see why they PGd Die Hard 4.0 (bigger audience potential for an old series) but I hope they bring back the profanity and the gore. It is what Die Hard is about. You can't have a Die Hard film without "Yippie-Ki-Yay MotherF.cker"

FaSCoRP1839d ago

we need the bad guy from the first move resurrected, why not? :)
He left to play the role on the Harry Potter movies, so he can came back, could be a "twin" :)

Whitefox7891839d ago

They kinda went that route in Die Hard 3 where the main villain was Hans Grubers brother, Simon "Peter" Gruber whose seeking revenge on John McClane.

FaSCoRP1835d ago

Yeah, I remember that in Jeremy Irons role. Agreed

calis1839d ago

He left to play the role on the Harry Potter movies?

Knight_Crawler1839d ago

He is talking about Gandolf.

LOL_WUT1839d ago

The only good die hard movie was the one with Samuel Jackson.

Plagasx1839d ago

That was actually the worst in my opinion.

Saturne31839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

Die Hard 2´s probably the worst very cheesy and the plot is a copycat from the original one.

But action and profanity are very nice to see in Die Hard 2 probably that´s why people love that sequel.

mushroomwig1839d ago

I have a friend who prefers the third movie, personally my favourite will always be the original.

Saturne31839d ago

No sequel will ever top the original by default.

krisq1839d ago

Expendables 2 was better than the first one IMO.

dirthurts1839d ago

Terminator 2 was pretty BA.

kingPoS1839d ago (Edited 1839d ago )

The movie series that keeps on giving.
Feh! trilogies & quads are so 2000.
Pentagons & hexagons are the new rage. lol

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