Robert Downey Jr. Suits up on The Iron Man 3 Set

daily mail:

He has been recovering from an ankle injury sustained on the set of Iron Man 3 in August.
And although he was still sporting an ankle brace while he hung out poolside in Miami with his family yesterday, Robert Downey Jr was back to work on Monday and suiting up to reprise his role asbillionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer Tony Stark.

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colonel1792086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

I don't like what they are doing with Iron Patriot. It's supposed to be Osborn, but then in the movie it will just be a different version of War Machine? Or I think at least that it will be Rhodes who wears the suit?

Why not do it like the comic and have Osborn? and if they couldn't have Osborn for whatever reason, then why include Iron Patriot in the first place?

hazelamy2086d ago

maybe it's just made to match the look of Captain America's outfit.
Rhodes could be inspired by him and get the new paint job.

i could see a funny line in this, if Cap cameos, or the avengers sequel, where Cap comments on the design.

Blacktric2086d ago

They can't include Osborn since every single Spider-Man character's cinematic rights belong to Sony Pictures. Hell, they were going to include Oscorp in Avengers (apparently just as a visual easter egg) but couldn't cut the deal with Sony so they axed the idea.

calis2085d ago

They did cut a deal with Sony it was just too late to add it in.

SITH2086d ago (Edited 2086d ago )

All of you are over looking a key fact depicted in the picture which makes this iron man suit lean towards being Rhodes new suit. Rhodes is a lieutenant colonel in the Air force. Above the right thigh of the blue iron man suit, is clearly and Air Force symbol. Although not 100% it is very close and inspired from. And Osborn's center chest beam star, does not look functional. It looks like a simple paint job. It was functional the comic books like iron man's.

hazelamy2086d ago

is it just me, or does that suit look like he would not be able to move his head while wearing it?
the neck just seems to thick to move.

krazykombatant2085d ago

Its not an actual suit dude.... the majority of it is just CGI off the model.