Nameless Gangster Review - Independent Cinema [VIFF 2012]

Independent Cinema - Soon following my screening of Teddy Bear, I got situated back into the theater for another film, this time from South Korea. The film is called Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time, and runs at a very slowly paced 2 hours and 14 minutes. The reason this film is garnering the attention it is, is because of its star Choi Min-sik, who you may know as the star of Oldboy which was directed by Park Chan-wook. Touted by Time magazine as “The Korean mob film Scorsese would be proud of“, Nameless Gangster has an unnatural hype around it. Unfortunately, what the film seems to really be is a collection of well-acted sequences, forcefully trying to show Choi Ik-hyun (Min-sik) as a character who doesn’t need violence to be a gangster and even being more of a gangster than those who are violent.

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