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Production Officially Begins on Edgar Wright's 'The World's End'; Cast Added

From TMP:

Oh glorious day! Edgar Wright along with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are back together to wrap up their Blood and Ice Cream trilogy, with The World's End. If you've been anxiously awaiting them to get back together for this final movie (as I have) then today's a good day as the announcement has come in that filming has officially begun.

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darklordzor2089d ago

About damn time! Feels like I've been waiting on this one forever. Can't wait to see it.

alycakes2088d ago

I know...I think it's been like a year since we first heard about this.

darklordzor2088d ago

Yeah and we've known it was coming (at least some form of a third one) since Hot Fuzz was in theaters. I'm glad they managed to pull it all together for this final one in the trilogy.