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Kathleen Kennedy Updates on Jurassic Park 4 and The BFG

From ComingSoon:

"As part of the celebration around the 30th anniversary of Steven Spielberg's E.T.: The Extraterrestrial and its upcoming Blu-ray release, was invited to participate in a special press brunch with the film's star, Henry Thomas, and producer, Kathleen Kennedy. We'll have a full report from the event soon, but wanted to share what Kennedy had to say about some exciting upcoming projects, including Lincoln, The BFG and Jurassic Park 4."

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darklordzor2029d ago

Please just don't suck. I hope the story is good and doesn't come close to any of those rumors (dinos in space or using guns).

StarWarsFan2028d ago

Too bad Michael Crichton passed away. It would have been to cool to have him come up with an original story for the concept he originated to continue.

darklordzor2028d ago

Yeah that would be pretty awesome. I've lamented his passing for a while now. He remains one of my favorite authors of all time and it saddens me I'll never get to read a new book from him again (though Micro came out not too long ago and it was awesome).

Soldierone2028d ago

Still extremely excited to see what comes of this. I probably shouldn't be, the more excited I get, the more likely it will end up sucking.

darklordzor2028d ago

That's a negative way to look at it. I understand what you mean though, hype can be a terrible thing as well. I'm optimistic, mostly because they've had so much time to rest and sit back and think up some good ideas for it.

Soldierone2027d ago

it is kinda negative, but its been happening. Kinda get my hopes up, then Hollywood ends up making a sub-par movie so it feels underwhelming to me.

Just like Spider-man i think its best I ignore this movie till it releases lol

aDDicteD2028d ago

i hope they are really coming up with a good story because if they rushed the project and the movie sucked then the franchise will go to hibernate mode for a period of time and then get rebooted. but if they did it well then we are for a treat for more upcoming JP installments for the coming years. i love dinosaurs and im excited for them to put more dinos on screen especially now that scientist are discovering more and more species.

Garethvk2028d ago

We kicked around a few ideas and in 10 min this is what we came up with. The ideas are there, just need to find them and nor be afraid to mix it up.

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