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Clickonline writes: "Resident Evil: Retribution is a mess of a film – featuring terrible dialogue, limp performances and a story which makes less sense than the drunken ramblings of a five year old. But it also features enough slow motion shots of bullets tearing into things, improbably restrictive clothing halfway decent set pieces to appeal perfectly to its target audience and reinforcing the connection to its video game heirs."

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alycakes2062d ago

I really liked this movie...saw it twice, saw it with my neighbor next door and then with my sister.

DarkBlood2062d ago

i like the music in there called *flying through the air* couldnt stop listening to this lol

alycakes2062d ago

I'll have to pay attention next time cause I know there will be a next time, and listen more carefully.

DarkBlood2062d ago

its *spoiler alerts*

near the start of the jill battle and near the end of the movie including during part of the credits

thats all i can remeber or you can youtube it either way works :P