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Dexter Season 7 Preview: The Code is Broken

Geek Binge: If you’re seeing a surplus of knowing grins and medical slides around this week, it can only be because Dexter is coming back! If you’re like me, you’ve been rewatching classic eps, reliving previous season arcs, and decorating your living room with sheets of bloody plastic. As with every season, we’re dying to see if Angel has a new hat, or what new, disgusting thing Masuka will say, or if it’s humanly possible for LaGuerta to get any bitchier (spoiler alert: Yes, somehow). Dexter Season 7 will bring answers to even more puzzles. What’s the deal with Louis? Did Quinn drown in a pool of booze, exotic dancers, and shame? How can I still miss Sergeant Doakes after all this time? And most importantly, what the hell is gonna happen now that Dexter has broken The Code?

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