A 'Planet Hulk' Movie? Marvel's Kevin Feige Weighs In

I know I'm not the only one who thinks Hulk was the greatest part of "Marvel's The Avengers," just as I'm not the only one disappointed that another "Hulk" solo film isn't anywhere on the immediate horizon. But who knows what the future holds after the "Avengers" sequel? In fact, with all signs pointing to Earth's mightiest heroes embracing the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, is it possible that we might see a live-action "Planet Hulk" in the future? Is that something Marvel could pull off?

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aDDicteD2040d ago

i just recently watched planet hulk in netflix. it would be sweet to see a live action planet hulk movie but i dont think marvel will try to go that direction because in the animated film hulk is re imagined as a savior gladiator who will lead a bunch of gladiator prisoners and bring peace to a planet ruled by a tyrant, sounds like a good plot but i really dont think marvel will go in this direction.

OneAboveAll2040d ago

World War Hulk would be much better. They can introduce characters like The Sentry!