James Cameron Enlists the Mythbusters to Defend Titanic's Ending

From TMP:

Movie buffs can be a strange group some times and we're among the most nitpicky, even when it comes to movies we love so much. Take Titanic for example. The recent re-release of the film sparked an old debate about how Jack (DiCaprio) could have lived and there was enough room on the "raft" for both of them. It sounds like James Cameron has had enough of the debate and is bringing in the Mythbusters crew to settle it once and for all.

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Lord_Sloth2045d ago

Interesting. I am curious to see their results. The door/table/whatever may not have been able to float with both of them. It isn't just a matter of size, but float.

StarWarsFan2044d ago

You'd think someone would have thought about doing this far before now.

darklordzor2044d ago

Yeah, especially considering that Mythbusters has done several 'Hollywood' episodes where they specifically test movie myths.