Confirmed: Adele All Set for James Bond “Skyfall” Song

Showbiz 411:
Exclusive: I think I can confirm for you what I said some months ago–Adele is performing the theme song for “Skyfall,” the 23rd James Bond movie. As far as I know the song is called “Skyfall.” I think if anyone else had sung the theme song this year it wouldn’t have made sense. Adele’s sound is the quintessential James Bond sound. She joins Shirley Bassey, Paul McCartney, Carly Simon, Rita Coolidge, John Barry, Duran Duran and others on the long list of pop stars who’ve immortalized James Bond in song.

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alycakes2080d ago

Can't wait to hear the Bond song on this one. Love Adele and her voice.

darklordzor2080d ago

I'm sure it'll be pretty damn good.

iamnsuperman2078d ago

I think it will be good but I really would like them to release that electronic style (I am not really sure what made it as I am not very musical) James bond theme. Sounded really good

colonel1792079d ago

I am not a fan of her, but I do recognize that she has an amazing voice. Whenever a song of her turns up on the radio, I actually enjoy it.

Blacktric2079d ago